Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Superb Lack Of Foresight

It was a day laced with happiness but also woes.
I spent the morning with a very good friend.

Son#2 and #3 finally went to the hairdresser.
(Mistake-in-disguise #1: stick to one outing a day)

This wasn't enough productivity for one day, so we added a trip to the car wash too.
(Clearly Mistake #2)

I vacuumed the car.
(Uber-stupid Mistake#3 - see lack of use of arms)

And of course, cherry on top, groceries with Things #2 and #3
 - #2 already in hyper irritable state who then threw the MotherFluffers of All Tantrums when I wouldn't buy him chewing gum (but did buy him chips, frog candy and japanese crackers).
What a crap, crap mother.

But the biggest lack of insight and foresight was not realizing that the good husband has had enough.
Not a bit enough, but ENOUGH.
Of kids, of work, of life.

Tie yourself to the boat because the seas are rough.


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