Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Alive and Kicking

Dennis The Cat is still alive and recuperating at a foster family.
The boys ask for an update every day.
It is unclear when she'll be up to snuff - she was so emaciated that I'm sure it will take a while.
Chances are we won't be able to adopt her, especially being a family with young children. 

I'm cleaning up a bit today, although my back stopped working yesterday and my pain medicashun is making me feel high as a kite, hic.
Count your blessings indeed.

My mum is flying to Johannesburg this afternoon, and on to Doha this evening, then Amsterdam where I'll pick her up tomorrow at noon.

After coffee-with-my-colleague yesterday, I bought carmine red blockprinting ink.
I might still use that today.
Or not.
We shall see.



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