Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Keep driving

No sleep, save the 30 minutes I slept on the couch this morning.
The husband left early for Amsterdam, got usurped by traffic and gave up, turning back home.
He says he'll drive to the beach.
It will be good for him.

I dropped the kids off and drove on to Breda, looking for exercise books for Son#3, so-he-can-pass-fucking-kindergarten.
But the economy has been rough: there are no bookshops left.

So then what is left but to drink coffee and listen to other people's conversations.

Outside, on the opposite side of the street is a block of flats, where a black-and-white cat climbed up the fire escape after the birds that lurk there, probably laughing at him.
He has no hope in hell.
And I can relate.


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