Monday, March 14, 2016

Riot Gear

Sporting a half-outfit's ice hockey gear, courtesy of a cousin, nearly 14, whose voice breaks-squeaks in anticipation of adulthood.

I must wash my hair today.
This afternoon there will be tough talks at school.
Son#3, who is told 'No' when it comes to WC usage and then comes home soaked/soiled.
Son#2 with the bastard-bully gang that needs sorting.
Son#1 for his unique soul, being the youngest in his class and for the IQ test results that might as well have been a different kid's on a different planet (and which don't match the previous test's results at all - how does one drop 30 points on an IQ test?????).
And why in damnation do they publish this information so easily?????

Secretly, I'd like to stash the kids and husband in the car, then drive awaaaaaay and never come back.


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