Friday, March 18, 2016

Decisions we live with

The husband has a big heart.
He left the Keeping-Dennis-Decision in my emotionally unstable lap, foolish man.

Dennis the Cat is at the animal shelter, being looked after and over.
I spoke to the vet last night and she expects there to be some internal problem.
We have decided that if Dennis lives, and nobody claims her as their own in the coming two weeks as prescribed by the animal shelter, we will adopt and love her.

 One should take in strays.
One should take in anything and every creature that asks for love and help.

A good idea?

We have a busy weekend ahead.
There is rugby tonight and tomorrow.
Then Son#1 has a sleep-over party with 9 kids.
It is to be a movie marathon, marshmallow barbecue, plus snacks and cola that they are never allowed to drink.
I expect the husband to be tired come Sunday (the husband being the warden in this Jailhouse Rock-show), when we have a birthday party at friends' in Breda in the afternoon.

I worked in the garden yesterday.
Son#2 helped to plant dilapidated violets.
I am paying dearly for my sins today.


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