Saturday, March 19, 2016

All in a day's work

There was rugby and party prepping which cost me a bleeding fortune.
Son#3, my shadow, finally fell asleep in the car.
We sat outside the supermarket for 40 minutes while I waited for him to get some sleep in.

When Things #1 and #2 came home, it was with an injury:  Thing#1 had kicked some concrete object (he's not the village idiot, he just didn't know that the plastic object was filled with concrete...).
Off we drove to hospital, where of course, nothing was broken and it turned out to be a familiar case of Exaggeritis.

The friends arrived - 6 boys, 2 girls.
We fed them lots of sugar and French fries and are now hoping and waiting for the sugar crash.
They are supposed to be watching Star Wars.
The husband will build a bonfire for roasting their marshmallows.
I think he's secretly enjoying himself (while I'm only interested in reading my books and going to sleep, mwoohahahaaa).

Sons#2 and #3 are having their own sleep-over party with me.
I left them for 5 minutes to go downstairs and when I came back they were both fast asleep.

Tomorrow another party in the afternoon. 
It might be a bit much.


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