Saturday, March 5, 2016

FunFunFun (and for once, I'm not being sarcastic)

Son#3 could not believe his luck.
Mother in good mood.
We bought chocolate Kinder eggs simply because he wanted to get the Minion-toys inside.
I bought yet more notebooks to paint/be-lino/stamp/whatnot for myself.
God bless uncovered credit card debt.
Son#3 also got a spinning top with music and flashing lights.
Then he and I went to the McDonalds.
Happy meal, happy kid, decent coffee.
I even sat outside and waited while he played on the jungle gym, in full view of the real gym across the road.
I felt a bit guilty to be honest, but we don't do this everyday.

With the help of (sup)Port that the husband brought home last week, I made another notebook.
It's still the Nelson Mandela lino from the other day, but I like his quotes.
This one is my favourite - behold the end product, dearlings (and please ignore the swollen hand):

I'm thinking of giving the notebooks to the teachers at school for end-of-year-gifts.

Not sure yet.
Son#1 has gone off to fetch a friend for a sleep-over.
I'm not in the mood really, as the husband is off tonight to see friends.
I wanted to take a sleeping tablet tonight so I can sleep for a damn change, but alas.
It's not in my stars.


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