Saturday, March 5, 2016

Light Snow

It is quite cold in the Nether Lands.
The landscape received a light dusting of frost and snow during the night, and the husband and Sons#1 and #2 left early-ish for rugby matches this morning.
 I'm glad Son#3 and I got to stay home.

I'm making notebooks for no other reason than that I enjoy doing it.
I have a gazillion already, so if you want one...

I have some studying to do, and cleaning, but only if my back can handle it.
I'm stiff as a surf board.
I've been thinking lately that my leg muscles seem firmer, but alas, no.
According to the rehab-doctor it's because my muscles are stiffening up.
So much for vanity. 

March is a busy month.
We have 3 social events (this is more than we have in any given year), lots of rugby matches, Son#2's birthday party, and then a sleep-over party for Son#1, and then my mum will be here.
The husband is doing a course on Tuesdays in Amsterdam (i.e. morning school runs for me and rugby in the evenings).
And all the while I must study in between, and survive.
Make artsy things to calm the heart.


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