Monday, October 17, 2016

The Bigger Picture

Why did I doubt myself all these years?
All this time with zero confidence in my capabilities, not even imagining that I could do what 'they' did just as well, if not better.

And all these years of giving a shit: about work, the opinion and importance of others, about 'being unprepared' and what horror that phrase held.
It took me 42 long years to start figuring this out.
Hello, late bloomer!

My mother and I laughed over the phone this evening, about the great equalizer that age is, about getting old and grumpy, and not giving a crap anymore.
Aaah, liberation.
I can taste you already.

I had a meeting at work, totally unprepared.
Nothing happened.
Nobody noticed.
My spineless boss can't manage a meeting to save her life.
My colleagues can't distinguish between main points and sidelines.
I took a backseat to these people all my life.
How daft can one be?
But I'm learning.


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