Sunday, October 23, 2016

Disco Inferno

Thank goodness for Village Life:
Son#1 went to the disco on his own, cycling together with a girl who lives down the street.
He came home at 10.
Bless those little uncertain eyes, that be-gelled hair, the home-made light stick.

It is Autumn break.
Last year I was lying in hospital.

The boys are going to Grandma's on Monday for a sleep-over (all 3 of them!!).
The husband and I will go to Maastricht on Tuesday, we think.
I can't imagine the house being quiet overnight. 
No child to tuck in?

Our electricity died again and Erik the Handyman came back and fixed it.
I started cleaning the attic, our room and everywhere else with sawdust and rubble.
Erik is handy but not clean.

We have a busy day ahead, finding all our stuff in the mess that is our house, packing for the boys, and hopefully an outing somewhere.
I've got cabin fever but no money after the medical aid ransacked my bank account.
Rehab wasn't cheap.


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