Sunday, October 9, 2016


My mum was taken to hospital by ambulance in the wee hours of Friday night, dizzy beyond belief.
She thought she was dying.
Not yet, Mum. 

It has been a quiet weekend, cleaning and tidying up after our handyman who is converting the attic into a 4th bedroom.
Laundry, groceries, dishes and cooking.
Stepping on Legos and threatening Son#3 with 'square eyes' if he keeps watching TV.
(Simple joys)

Work woes and worries keep my mind full and occupied.
But I stood doing the dishes for the third time today, realizing that management and I are clearly on opposite sides of the moral and ethical divide.
You don't screw the sick & weak.
(And the sick & weak won't let themselves get screwed either.)

But here we are.
I have nothing to lose.
I have nothing to lose!!!
What a wonderful feeling.
Liberating & Clear.
What is more beautiful than that?

Now, Mother Dearest: 
Be Well.


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