Monday, October 10, 2016


Rehab is ending.
I said goodbye to the physiotherapist and my shrink today.
Tomorrow the social worker and occupational therapist.
Then it's all over.
I feel like an orphan being kicked out of the orphanage: Go on now! Sort it out yourself!

I have a meeting with my boss in the morning.
I saw my coordinator in a meeting with the person they've appointed in my place (illegally it seems, according to the union - I can still claim back my job).
But it burns with humiliation.
It burns viciously when someone from the administration office comments casually that they're putting a lot of effort into kicking me out.

I don't want the damn job anymore anyway.
Oi vey.
You have to change to stay the same!
Change Now!!!
It's inevitable.
You don't have to like it.


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