Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Begin Again (And Again)

Back at work.
Slowly building up my hours.
It's lovely to see colleagues but the business of being sick has soured my relationship with management.
I need to end my affiliation with the university.
It's a long and drawn-out goodbye.
I get it, you know: 
You can't keep betting on the cripple horse (and I happen to be the cripple horse).
But it's nasty now, and I don't want that.

Rehab continues too.
I seem to be making strides in terms of physical strength.
All good.

The boys are back at school.
Son#1 ran away from school again today, and I stood half-in, half-out of my unflattering bathing suit, ready for rehab when the teacher called.
He was hiding in our garden after a fight with Davy, a low-life Red Bull-swigging skivvy who wanted to beat up Son#1 (whom I am certain wasn't innocent either).

Son#2 went to hospital twice on Sunday for severe asthma, and I kept the heavy breather home on Monday, just to be sure (which started nastiness from my boss - I am supposed to leave my 8 year old with a non-existent stranger with severe asthma because by God I need to work my hours at work forgodssakes not with sick child at home!!).

Son#3 is doing gifted things for gifted kids at school, new teacher and no more peeing in his pants 8 million times a day.

You can't stop progress.


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