Friday, October 28, 2016

3 Stooges & Autumn

Autumn break.
The husband and I had a wonderful break in Maastricht.
Museums, wine, Indian food.

There is something magical about Monday evenings and strolling through cities.
Shops closed, people gone and the walls begin to sing.

Today we went to a mini Legoland in the next village.
Even I built something - an Arctic Weather Station complete with chain and kennel for my imaginary Husky.

Here they are:
The Hungry, The Insecure and the Master Builder.
The boys were wonderful.
No tantrums, no screaming for more stuff.
Son#2 sensibly left his pocket money at home, Son#1 decided to save his money even while standing in front of boxes full of Lego with bucks burning in his pocket

Then we bought 3 pumpkins that we'll carve as soon as I've recovered from the Lego outing. 


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