Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Criss cross

We went to Dordrecht on Sunday with the boys.
It is like a quiet, 1950s Amsterdam.
For 1 euro, we climbed the church tower (372 steps!! - going down was worse than going up).
Son#2 tried to kick rocks off the tower and stuck his head through the gaps in the wall.
At least, that's what the husband said.
I froze dead as soon as I set foot onto the roof.
It was fear of heights that made me think it's every man and child for himself.

The boys were picked up by their grandparents on Monday.
Son#1 baked an apple pie, bless, only slightly burned on the edges.
I love that boy vehemently.

The house was so quiet after, eerily so.
I watched a DVD to fill the silence.

Then the husband wove through evening traffic, all the way down south to Maastricht, where the husband went to university.

We had dinner and drinks (gotta love that credit card), but the drinks woke me up at 5h30 this morning in our funky but cheap hotel.

Today, 2 museums, then to the in/out-laws to pick up our beloveds.


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