Friday, October 14, 2016

Calming down

Our handyman is soldiering on in the attic.
Hopefully he'll be done with plastering on Wednesday.

I took my car's lights to be fixed, €45 later and I decided that my credit card could treat me to a warm bathrobe for 10 bucks more at IKEA.
It is, after all, the largest part of my wardrobe (ahem).

A friend came home with Son#3, and I dragged them to  IKEA where I chucked them in the play area for an hour while I drank free coffee.
Then later a friend for Son#2 who seems to think that shouting at one's mother is an Olympic sport.
The day started off with Son#2 flipping me the middle finger over his oats, so he's on a short leash if you ask me.
But I'm thankful for the friend nonetheless.
Son#2 is an outsider (like his parents, who know what that's like).

The boys have rugby tonight.
I hope the weekend will be lovingkindness itself.
Sons#1 and 2 fight continuously and it is getting my goat.
Big time.


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