Monday, April 18, 2016


We drove all the way down to Leuca, right to the tip of Italy's heel.
There is less rubbish by the side of the road here.

Leuca was gorgeous - quiet and sunny.
The husband and I drank coffee and wine, ice cream.for lunch (the only gluten free option).
Smoked olive oil (what a find!!) for the husband's lunch.

We followed the coastal road north towards Otranto, but were too pooped to go explore Otranto too.

Back to Lecce.
Wild figs everywhere!

Tonight - our last night in Italy - we'll return to last night's steak restaurant for dinner.
Food is good here, and for a gluten-infused country like Italy, they are very aware of the celiac's diseasers who cannot indulge.

We miss our boys terribly.
They go with us all the time.


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