Sunday, April 17, 2016

Brindisi to Gallipoli

Breakfast in Brindisi.
We strolled the boulevard, drank double fortifying cappucinos.

We stopped at Porto Selvaggio, where I waited in the car while the husband walked down to the coastline.

I'm having a pathetic pain day, and I have a good book.

Then on, to Gallipoli.

It is a wonderful place, for its simplicity and beauty, on a ledge of the Ionian Sea.
Just Go.

We had a long drive, nearly gave up on Gallipoli after we stopped for lunch at Santa Maria di Bagno.

Italy has an outward-culture: it screams 'Look at me!'
Gallipoli was different.

We drank Limoncello.
We accidentally crashed a funeral where black-clad gents rested against a building outside the church.
(We only noticed on exiting the church)

We are sleeping in Lecce for 2 nights.
We have a nice apartment with a well-stocked bar and terrace where we can sit outside watching the swallows dipping high.

Tomorrow: Otranto and Leuca.


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