Friday, February 26, 2016

State of Our Nation

Don't worry:  this is not some political diatribe I'm about to launch into.
There is stress in this house, stress in how we (fail to) communicate how we feel, and it affects every single one of us.
When it is utterly clear that the husband and I are buggering up our lives and those of the kids with stress and wrong jobs, why is it utterly unclear what we need to do to change this?
Can anyone explain this to me?
All I need is a step-by-step checklist.
Things I can tick off, and move on.

I was looking for yet another self-help book on the internet, something that will switch on the light in the darkness, but save for an Alan Watts-quote, I realized that the answers lie within.
We will have to dig it up and live it.
I just wish we could get up out of this muck, quickly, because this adult-thing isn't working out so far.

Son#1 is still home, him and his stomach bug, poor boy.  
Tonight rugby, and I have to help out at the club.
Tomorrow rugby matches, I'm not sure what the husband can handle.

Oh, the Alan Watts-quote went something like this:
If you eliminate everything that isn't real (thoughts, hopes, worries etc.), what will be left?  Only real things.
You deal with what's left.


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