Sunday, February 28, 2016


A last-minute babysitter was organized, and the husband and I went to see 'The Revenant'.
It was good, albeit bloodthirsty and grueling.
It kept me up last night, thinking.

Our Sunday morning started slowly.
Breakfast, candles, orange juice, coffee.

Son#2's asthma medication kicked in making him wired.
Loud voice, loud actions.
Sometimes it lasts a few days...

We struggle to get Son#1 to SIT DOWN and STUDY.

Son#3 pees in his pants and makes a wreckage of the playroom which will soon be cleared by a bulldozer (me) and turned into a studio-cum-study.
The fun is over, mwoohahahahaaaaa...

I'm left in desperate need of uninterrupted quietude.
Study, dreaming and linocuts.
I have a lot of pain.
A lot.


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