Sunday, February 7, 2016

Rolling like a Tank

Son#2 has a project, his first.
He had to make a float for carnival and was doing it with Lisa.
Long story short:  Son#2 and the husband built a tank, painted it and packed it off to school.
Lisa made a kitten to put on top.
At least we think that's what will happen, as getting any information out of a boy is DIFFICULT.

Behold its beauty.

The weather has been kind to us, and started warming up again. 
Friday minus 1, today plus 14.
You can't keep up.

But Carnival is in full swing here in the Southern Nether Lands, grey skies switch to blue at the drop of a hat and the husband and I slog through flu and colds, coughing and snot.

The grey skies make me sentimental.
The boys grew up too fast when we weren't paying attention.

I find my solace in candles and branches of the school's hedges that Son#3 collects for me everyday.

Summer can't come soon enough.


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