Saturday, February 20, 2016

High School Hunting Ground

Son#1 has gone off with the husband, to see if there is a high school (gulp!) that he'd like to go to in about 1,5 years.
The husband left in a huff - someone had bumped into his car for the second time we think.

It's a big morning for Son#1 - he's going to see his coach on Monday for the first time, and I thought it wise to shut up about it, and give him new info in smaller dosages.

He has become an 'entity':  Sons#2 and #3 will still grow into their respective personalities, but Son#1 is already slipping into his.
It's a beautiful and scary process.

It's been such a busy and hectic week, that all I would like to do is SIT.
Preferably in front of a fire, with book and wine in hand.
Productivity can wait.


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