Friday, December 11, 2015

Surprise, surprise

We are alive.
I have been referred to a rehab centre in Breda to get me up to (physical) scratch again.
Hopefully I'll walk out of there by summer, with bulging muscles and a chipper attitude.

Son#3 and I are at home alone today.
He keeps singing 'I am a lucky boy' to his own self-constructed tunes.

We survived the annual buy-a-christmas-tree-hell last night, parents and children semi-hysterical, but not as bad as last year's excursion.
The husband is close to losing his marbles, and is cutting back his work hours a bit in order to survive a while longer.
What can I say.
It's been a tough (couple of) year(s).

I have slowly started my Low Dose Naltrexone.
I'm only on 1mg per day - I need to increase this to 4,5mg over the next few months.

Tonight the husband and I are volunteering at the rugby club, working behind the bar where they don't serve alcohol (gasp!) during youth training nights.

We're all going to see Snoopy tomorrow at the movies - a first for the 5 of us.


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