Thursday, December 31, 2015

A last word for 2015

The husband is at work.
Son#1 is off with friends - we confiscated his bought-and-paid-for-himself tablet that he has been watching all sorts of shooting games/clips/whatnot with.
He turns into an aggressive fireball afterwards.
I worry about him and what he will turn out to be.
It has a strange Jedi/Dark Side-ring to it.
Will he choose to use this force in him to be good or choose bad things?
Lately, he blames us for his bad behaviour, which is bridge too blooming far.

Son#2 and #3 are happily at home.
#3 keeps taking off his clothes and licks his brother's food/snacks etc. before giving it to him.
I have a good case of PMS, of which I am convinced that the 'S' stands for Satan.
I attempted to make gluten-free oliebollen but, alas, it has flopped again.
I'll eat the flops regardless, although it truly isn't very tasty.

I tried to emulate Modigliani's Christina, but ended up giving it my own ring as my hands hurt and I kept buggering up the eyes.
Left hand now in a brace, aaaaaaaaah bliss.
 Practice, practice, practice.

Now, go on Miserable Year.
Bugger the bloody hell off.

On to new and better things.


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