Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Night on the tiles

The husband took us out for a (gluten free) pizza.
Our kids were so well-behaved, bar Son#2 who screamed 'I have a willy infection!' quite loudly and repeatedly after having gone to the loo twice already.
Not sure what the other pizza patrons were thinking at that stage.
I dared not look over my shoulder.

But, the boys had a ball, playing tag under glowing trees wrapped with Christmas lights, zigzagging amongst pedestrians, and we let them run because when you're a kid and out at night, you should be doing just that.
A walk through the dark park back to the car.
The sheer thrill of it.
Home, pajamas and a bit of TV.

Tomorrow we'll bake Dutch oliebollen.
Chill the Champagne that's been lying in the cellar for more than a year, waiting for a celebration.
Be calm and kind.

Happy 2016, dear reader. 
Treat your time well.


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