Friday, August 21, 2015

Say Hello

Son#1's friend came for a sleep-over.
They stayed awake until 1 a.m. and, inadvertently, so did I.
Now Son#1, #2 and said friend have disappeared into the village and #3 is forcing me to watch Toy Story with him.

Tonight, the babysitter is coming and we're going to Antwerp.
The need for time without kids is great.
I'm going to study for a bit, sip my endless coffee supply and hope I'll wake up before our date.

The university where I teach is up and running again, and I feel this pull to start working, but I suspect it's just my normal schedule kicking in and it's not what I need now.
The fever/elevated temperature continues.
I have pain, which one gets used to to a certain extent.

The sun is shining, it's a lovely day, and we have a helluvalot of things going for us, you know?


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