Friday, February 2, 2018


Son#1 has been ill for 3 days.
This morning we left the house to alleviate his cabin fever, & drove to Dordrecht for nice coffee.

He hangs and sags a lot, coughs his lungs out.
No longer a little boy, he's quickly catching up to my 1,74 m.

It is terribly cold, the bone-gnawing kind and we drove back from Dordt in snowy rain.
I left my piles and piles of exams at work - this will be the first weekend since September that I won't work or prepare. 
I should, but I won't [read: can't].
An oeuf is an oeuf
[enough = enough]



  1. At least the menu says 'happy & healthy'. I hope you ordered a lot ;-)
    Have a peaceful weekend Yo!