Friday, February 9, 2018

A hard day's night

...and I've been working like a dog.
I spent this week in work hyperdrive, trying to finish everything before next week, a school holiday, arrives.
My first break since August that I won't be working.
11 hours behind a computer today.

Oh to run away and live a simple life with no-one around, arid ground, grasses and succulents, blazing sun and lots of books.
Where did we go wrong???

It's snowing and bitterly cold.
The kids had Carnaval at school.
Son#1 is still ill, poor bunny.
He's lost 5 kg (and there wasn't much flesh on those bones anyway).

Next week Tuesday there will be Carnaval floats driving past our house again, and I'll have to think of some outing so we can escape its madness.
Carnaval is not my thing.
If one is serious-minded/a nerd/boring-but-happy-that-way, having to defend one's anti-frivolous stance is tough. 
I don't 'get' frivolous.
Does that make sense?

For now, just rest.
Son#2, who falls asleep in my bed every night, is snoozing next to me.
He smells nice and I love him.
Louise the cat will come along shortly, sleeping on my feet all night.
She's half dog, I'm sure.


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