Saturday, February 4, 2017


I have a new (temporary) job.
40 km from home, through inevitable traffic.
It is temporary, and at a vocational college where 98% of the largely adolescent student population are either on file at child welfare or have some serious learning disability.
There are security guards and safety procedures.
Students dealing in drugs and getting arrested for house robberies.
I had no idea that this world existed.
Not really...

I will have to see how my weary body will handle this.
I got through my shell-shocked first week.
At night I am so tired that I sway like a drunkard and the husband sends me to bed.
It is not the intellectual world of the university, but I knew this when I quit.

At home, Son#2 is kicking and screaming.
Everything is NO.
I feel very sad about it.

We all have colds and feel pants, and my fever is climbing again.
But hallelujah, Monday is a day off next week. 


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