Sunday, February 12, 2017

Like a Rhinestone Cowboy

I woke up with terrible pain in my left foot (utterly Daniel Day-Lewis, don't you think?) and left leg.

Eventually Son#3 and I hobbled to the hospital, thinking it must be a lung embolism waiting to happen.
Life isn't that exciting (thank goodness), and it turned out to be a boring-but-painful heel spur.
Yes, compadres.
I have a spur.
How much more Cowboy can one get?

The weekend was fine-ish.
Son#2 got a toolbox with tools that now sleeps next to his bed plus a metal detector for his birthday.

Happy birthday Bucky!
What a long time 9 years is (and what a different person I am now).

We are looking for a house exchange in Canada for the summer, if ticket prices can stay on the low side.

The husband was in a funk for most of the day and so was Son#1.
I applied for jobs closer to home, cleaned the house and cooked my lunches for the coming week, all on one foot. 

It will be a busy week.


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