Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I'm just letting off steam

The new job has been 'interesting'.
I'll be honest.
This is not some Michelle Pfeiffer movie where the pretty and tenacious teacher blows new educational life into deprived youths.
It didn't 'gel' with 3 of the 8 groups.

The director is a weak and egotistical man.
I told him that no, I will not be teaching said 3 classes (life's too short), but here we are now, 1 week later and I seem to be teaching 2 of the 3 again.

Meanwhile the husband is in a deep depression.

Son#2 was beaten with sticks by FIVE classmates (he managed to bite one of the little bastards), and has been recalcitrant and defiant ever since.

I, of course, complained to the highest echelons of our village school.

Son#3 is on multiple pairs of pants a day again.

Son#1 has been tested for IQ and whatnot.
He is very, VERY gifted but with a serious attention deficit disorder.
His teacher is reluctant to send him to a higher level school, going against the advice of the developmental specialist's findings.

Tomorrow it is work in the morning, Son#1's orthopedic surgeon and then his therapist in the afternoon.
The husband is going to a family birthday party with my in-laws (I wasn't invited) and my father-in-law is slowly losing his marbles.

Life in our nut house/shell.


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