Thursday, September 3, 2015

Playing hooky

Life is calm with my mother here.
The husband and I go out often.
To the movies (While we're young - too Woody Allen-ish, not my taste).

Last night we went for a drive looking for a cheap bite, and ended up at a Chinese restaurant in the next village.

Son#3 is playing hooky.
It's been an adjustment for the kids, this school-rules-and-conformity business.

I have a meeting with my boss next week.
The GP told me that I will most certainly NOT be better in 2 months' time.
She is still convinced that this physical breakdown is stress, and I am finally willing to accept it.

The sun is shining, and I'm sitting under a blanket, warm and snug.
My car has petrol in it, and there is still money to buy groceries with, despite my salary having dropped with a whopping 20% this month.
We have so much, and it is enough.
All problems will be resolved.
Small steps.


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