Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Alive (not kicking)

I have to share Son#1's art.
Here is 'Pooping Cheetah, headless chicken'.

Gotta love him to bits.

Medical tests continue.
I spoke to a doctor today who told me that my story made her 'a bit sad'.
Illness brings loneliness.
Vast loneliness.
She thinks that my mystery illness is an AWOL on my body's side.
Too much work & stress at home and at work.
The proverbial bucket is empty.
Adrenal glands probably shot to smithereens.
Recovery???, I asked.
No less than a year.

I'm still hoping to (finger) point to some external cause - it cannot be my bodily fed-up-o-meter that has reached its zenith, surely!
I can't physically manage ALL stressors??
What do you mean 'limits'???


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