Saturday, October 28, 2017


Son#1 had his first school dance last night.
We decked him out with fake blood, fake stitches and a cheapo children's chainsaw.
He was still sleeping when Son#3 and I left for swimming lessons.

I've spent my week studying science philosophy for social sciences and of course, working and avoiding my colleagues.
I've never worked in such a team of mean and unthinking people.
The stupid/mean combination is lethal.
Above everything!!!!
I won't be staying there for long, methinks.
One reflects one's environment after a while, and I miss intelligent, THINKING colleagues that I had at the university.
Oh well.

A quiet weekend lies ahead.
Looking for kids' winter clothes in the attic.
Work preparation.
Cleaning the house.
And perhaps to a museum in Dordrecht where the Netherlands was declared a country.


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