Saturday, October 21, 2017

Ground Control to Major Tom

We've had a strange autumn break.
The husband and I went to Maastricht and Aachen on Saturday and Sunday (the boys were dropped off at the in-laws').
On Monday an emotional funeral for the husband's uncle, who passed away due to a brain tumour.
The boys' behaviour was exemplary.

The rest of the week was spent trying to clean the mess after our cleaning lady failed to show up - again.
She has problems, but hell, so do I.

Things #1 and #2 have been butting heads and various other limbs all week.

Today was Son#3's swimming lesson during which I get to spend a blissful hour studying every week.

Then groceries and the husband took the boys down to the little beach with pond we recently discovered, about 5 minutes from home.

They took the metal detector with and 'found' some coins (which the husband had scattered).

Son#2's friend was there too, swimming, in this cold.
Of course, the temptation to get wet far outweighed Son#2's sensibilities.
Live a little.


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