Sunday, January 1, 2017

The morning after & new beginnings

We are in the Belgian Ardennes.
The people we exchanged with arrived safely at our place but 5 hours behind schedule and without the mother/wife.
We think they may have had a fight in the car en route to the Netherlands.
And travelling in cars with children is harrowing - distilled moodiness in confined, inescapable places.

But here we are.
The first day of 2017.
It was the first time ever that all of us were awake for New Year's Eve.

The husband lit fireworks with the boys outside until Things 1 and 2 started shouting 'shut the *bleep* up' in quiet, sedate Belgium.

It is minus 3 now, which is better than the minus 10 we had yesterday.
No snow yet, just frost.

Son#1 lives increasingly in his own technological world.
Son#2 swears like a seasoned sailor with mood swings to boot.
Son#3's major sin is singing non-stop.
He is mild and easy-going.

The husband and I will change careers this year.
Rethink life.
Live for the moment and not some anxiety-ridden fear of the future and past.
Slow down, we moved too fast.

Have a GOOD 2017!


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