Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Busy busy busy

First the European Space Agency yesterday, with Moon/Mars walks and a 90-minute tour during which our boys were well-behaved.

It's well worth the visit.

Today we drove to Luxembourg where we ice skated on a Christmassy square.

Then we drove on to Trier, where we went up the 2000 year old Porto Nigra.

A short walk into town (cheap drugstores!!!), gluhwein and a dodgy dinner with gluhwein.

It is cold here - during the day the temperature hovers around minus 2.

Son#1 is being dramatically teenager-like ('Mum! Why must you ruin EVERYTHING?') and Son#2 should just be renamed: 'Contrary' suits him better (and I'm being very mild now).
We have the inevitable fights in cars about idiotic things like who has to sit in the middle or who farted.
This leads to swearing/biting/hitting and explosive parents.
When it passes again, one feels quite changeable and psychotic.

Tomorrow, a day of rest, thankyouverymuch.


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