Sunday, December 4, 2016

On ne vas

Sunday night, early to bed (and early to rise, because - let's face it - Motherhood).
It is COLD in the Nether Lands.
My car has been wrapped in frost all day, despite glorious sunshine.
The cold is another reason to go to bed early.
It was so cold that even the fireplace couldn't produce enough hot air to push the cold air out of the chimney.
Result: smoke alarms and smoke-filled house.

Our weekend (edit: MY weekend - the husband slept through all drama AND slept late, grrrrrrr) started off with a vomiting Son#2, nightmarish Son#1 and bloodied nose of Son#3, caused by Son#1.
It improved somewhat after that.
Tomorrow it is work again, which doesn't seem to reach a conclusion.
I am moving on!!!
My sojourn in purgatory is not good for my mental state.

But it is also Sinterklaas, and the husband will come home early so we can surprise the kids with a small heap of gifts.

We have been to see the orthopedic surgeon for Son#1's scoliosis and hypermobility syndrome.
Thank the gods, he has the benign form of scoliosis (where the muscles can be strengthened to support the skeleton), not the bad kind (bendy bones, nothing you can do about it).
Clinical geneticist on the 15th.
The hypermobility is a permanent fixture and we need to rethink sport choices (i.e. no rugby but yes to swimming?).

I need a gazillion bucks so I can buy a plane ticket for my mom to come visit.
And I would like a nice new job.
Thank you very, very much.


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