Monday, December 12, 2016


Miss, I know that I can't write neatly but that doesn't bother me one bit, potato.
Sigh, Obstinate Son#2 strikes again.
We gave up on him changing out of his pajamas yesterday.
Honestly, it's not worth the fight.
It is Monday morning yet again, and I am still at the university.
I have a meeting with my boss later on to discuss my career's cheerful demise which will hopefully be today (haha).
We are off to the Ardennes just before New Year's, and there is still a lot to be done to get the house ship-shape.
I took Thursday off so Son#1 and I can go to the clinical geneticist.
Tomorrow I have a course on dyslexia and language acquisition.
(But I might just skip that and sleep late, mwoohahahaha)
What are they going to do?
Fire me???

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