Thursday, November 10, 2016


There seems to be an agenda at work with its own jargon and rules, and for non-initiated nitwits like myself, it is stressful to navigate the choppy waters.
I received a please-bugger-off contract.
I have a union lawyer who is looking at it, but it takes time and adds to my anxiety.
I can't afford to shoot myself in the foot.
And I don't know what the future will bring in terms of my health.
But I can tell you how humiliated I feel, knowing all that hard work, being in the top 3 of lecturers, all that stress at the university for the past 10 years has amounted to nothing.
Like my mother says, organizations have a sociopathic nature.

We are back on daylight savings time, with dark afternoons and rain and cold.
In South Africa, flash floods in Johannesburg killed 6 people and nearly washed away my friend Estelle's house.

Son#3 is on the waiting list for the school for gifted kids.
Son#2 is continuously and vehemently angry about everything.
Where did my curly-haired sweet boy go?
Son#1 is FINALLY getting more stimulation at school after his therapist intervened.

Erik the builder is finished with Son#1's attic bedroom, and we are taking a slow approach in trying to get everything ready.
What's the blooming rush anyway?
[Read: No money left]

To tell you the truth, I feel awfully mired in gunk and problems and no way out but through it all.
One has to have energy to handle life, and I'm all out.


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