Friday, April 20, 2018

Don't answer, just think

I sent the husband off to a lecture on Zen & Happiness.

He came back with the instructions:
1. Do some form of exercise
2. Meditate
3. Ponder the question: What is happiness?

And strangely, that question makes one look at life a bit differently. 
Try it.

It is hellishly hot, yesterday reaching a sticky 31.5 degrees.
It was a restless night.
Work is and remains stressful.
Like my mom, I was made to read books, potter around in gardens and study.
I want nothing more.

My director asked me to stay on next year.
And I think I'll do it, if just to eliminate new situations that require new adjustments.

I've been invited for most of the jobs I applied for, but they are all at high schools.
When an interviewer asks what I like most about adolescents, I've noticed that my 'School Holidays' answer doesn't go down well.

This morning, my last bid for freedom before the May holiday starts at noon, I'm asking myself what happiness is in Breda, drinking lovely coffee in a lovely cafe in the sun.


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