Friday, March 9, 2018

When you're weary, feeling small

Son#1 is struggling at school.
When a sky-high IQ, ADHD and performance don't go together, schools drop you like a hot cake.
This past week was ridiculous.
A test every day.
Plus homework.
He did poorly, poor thing.
His (Dalton) school was a poor choice.
The meeting with his teacher was what we expected:
Thou shalt perform, or get sequestered to the lower grades.
In other words: Son#1 will do work far below his level, mixed with kids that don't match his intelligence.
Where do you then dig up hope and stimulation to feel motivated?

The husband and I both work.
We cannot guide him in all his many school projects and tests.
And when you know that 30-60% of highly gifted kids never finish school, you worry.

Meanwhile, I'm so tired that I can't bring myself to do anything.
Laundry shmaundry.
Studies - pah, for idiots.
Just give me sleep, a million bucks and a year in Spain.


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